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Bathroom remodeling the entrance area for access to the bathroom, another idea to make it more functional and make better use of space

If in the Bathroom remodeling your door is located near public areas such as the kitchen or the dining room, you must ensure that the door does not allow direct visibility towards the toilet. For that purpose you can use a battery distribution, or square; as long as the door opens to the sink or shower.

Top Bathroom Remodeling

As we have mentioned, humidity is generated in the bathroom and on a surface that is too smooth this can be fatal. 

Idea to renovate the bathroom without reaching a partial or total remodeling: paint for the walls, floors or ceilings

The difference between renovation and Bathroom remodeling

Renovation is only making superficial changes that do not imply changes in structure, knocking down or building new walls, while remodeling implies restructuring, more profound changes: such as removing coatings and placing new ones, opening walls to build windows, etc.

Which is the best for a successful bathroom renovation?

Colors are very important, especially when it comes to decorating during the small bathroom renovation process. If you have a small bathroom, go for white colors or light tones, as they convey a greater sense of spaciousness. 

In summary, this idea consists of using neutral or pastel shades, whether for a floor, wall or ceiling, although they are also essential on surfaces, furniture and finishes. 

The taps are another key to decorating a bathroom, especially if the bathroom is modern, minimalist or industrial. Therefore, depending on the style you chose for your bathroom renovation , the faucet pieces can look more elegant, minimalist, modern, classic or even traditional.

Processes in the Bathroom remodeling of an old bathroom

One of the frequent questions of the clients is how long it takes to remodel a bathroom, since in many cases it is the only one in the house or apartment and going through the bathroom remodeling process implies planning very well the need for use, in the days that the bathroom lasts.Demolition and new electrical and sanitary installation.

In the first 5 business days the artifacts are removed, and all existing ceramic tiles.

The new redistribution of the electrical system must be verified, modified and carried out according to the preliminary project for the new bathroom. 

They analyze how the cold and hot water connections and sewage drains are made and then connect with the new pipes, checking that they are well with the necessary levels.


– Once the new pipes and drains are in place, a hydraulic test must be carried out on them before plugging.

– You must place 2 stopcocks (cold – hot water) since most bathrooms do not have them.

– If necessary, for lack of another bathroom, you can use the old toilet supported for use

– In the case of removal of bathtubs to make a shower area with the same ceramic or porcelain tile, it is very important to weld an asphalt membrane with baboon, such as those that are placed on terraces, for the definitive waterproofing of the sector, since over time it is very probable that the water seeps through the joints and causes humidity in the sector below.

At this stage it is reconsidered how the cladding will be placed according to the design and materials to be used.

The floor and wall coverings are placed.

The calculation of square meters for the purchase of ceramics and porcelain tiles is done by measuring length and width by height plus 10% for cuts and waste.


– Use cementitious-based adhesives for ceramic / porcelain from leading brands.

– Verify the correct loading of each plate, there should be no sectors without adhesive.

– Do not load the entire wall with adhesive and then start laying, since it dries quickly and loses resistance, causing the coatings to peel off in the future.

Painting. Placement of artifacts and accessories.

In the last week the application of paint is carried out on the ceiling, frames, doors and windows.