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Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas with Before and AfterArchitectural Bathroom remodeling is a process that involves the analysis of a series of spatial determinants, which allow the architect to challenge the limits of concepts and innovate with new interior design schemes. When we talk about a small bathroom remodeling , at echeverri montes arquitectos our team of expert architects considers that this is one of the most important spaces in a home since it significantly affects the quality of life of users.

Bathroom Remodeling

The quality of the design, the functionality and the aesthetic values ​​are determining factors, even when there is a small area, since strategies for the use of spaces must be implemented.

Small Room Design: Change the Perspective of Your Spaces – Related PostThat said, at echeverri montes arquitectos we are a firm of expert architects in  bathroom  remodeling that, thanks to our excellent projects, we are recognized throughout the Colombian territory. As innovative architects we implement the use of new technological strategies that allow us to expand the field of design and take advantage of the potential values ​​of each project we undertake.

Bathrooms are always the object of important reflection and analysis because an interior design project for a bathroom points directly to the perception of both its functional and aesthetic qualities, as well as its sustainability. That is why below, at echeverri montes arquitectos we will point out some important design elements, if you want to undertake a bathroom remodel in your home.

Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas Drawn

Whether it is a redesign or a substantial renovation of the distribution of the space, a bathroom remodel is distinguished by various factors that reflect sophistication and avant-garde through interior design, which is coupled with the tastes and personality of the client, and be it an avant-garde, minimalist, Nordic or industrial style; 

Today there are endless alternatives when it comes to a bathroom remodel. At echeverri montes arquitectos as curious and innovative professionals, we consider that there are some essential points for a small bathroom to offer all the functionality and elegance that our clients expect, taking advantage of the lighting, colors, materials and accessories to give it a bit of visual breadth and make the most of every corner of this space.

Just as the architectural concept in a bathroom remodel is important, the use of intelligent design and functionality are also aspects that must be taken into account to ensure that a bathroom remodel is comprehensive and meets the quality standards and expectations of our clients.

Ideas for  bathroom  Remodeling Small Bathrooms with Sliding Doors The aesthetic and functional assessment of the space, as well as the evaluation of the different distribution alternatives can incorporate digital optimization technologies that expand the options when choosing a design. With that said, these are some important elements to consider in a remodel:

Through the use of sliding doors or large mirrors, the space in the user’s perception can be expanded. Used with elegance and sophistication, they can become attention-grabbing elements in a project. Some materials such as marble, glass and metal are ideal for use in small bathroom walls because they generate easy maintenance conditions and are resistant over time.


One of the most noticeable things that can change the view of a bathroom completely is the floor, because it is on ¼ of the surface or more, if you also put it on the walls. One tip is to use floors with light tones to create an illusion of spaciousness in the space, in addition to the light tones being related to hygiene and cleanliness. Check well that the floor you use in your shower is non-slip, so you will avoid accidents.

Best Bathroom Remodeling

Toilet and sink

One could say that the skeleton of a bathroom or its initial infrastructure consists of a toilet and a sink. That they are clean and in good condition is key to guaranteeing a pleasant experience within this space. If they are worn, or very old, do not be afraid to change them for new ones that will help your bathroom look better. Extra tip : Look for saving toilets, so you will help your pocket.

Furniture and accessories

Furniture and accessories can give your bathroom a much more complete and elegant appearance. You can place cabinets that go under the sink so that you can keep toilet paper, towels to dry your hands and other products that may be useful in that space. On the cabinet you can put a mirror for when you need to comb your hair or for pure vanity.

Decorate with plants

Plants, both artificial and natural, help create a fresh and harmonious environment. Since the bathroom is a space where you spend time with yourself, you can seek to create that environment by placing the odd plant, either on the cabinet or on a shelf.